Los Angeles Skylines

Los Angeles Skylines
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Los Angeles Skylines

Home to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and millions of people, Los Angeles, California is one of the world's great cities. The Los Angeles skyline features many of the world's most recognizable landmarks and attractions that draw millions of visitors from all over the world. Often photographed with the snow covered peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains in the background, the Los Angeles skyline is a favorite subject for both professional and amateur photographers. Beautiful pictures and panoramas of the Los Angeles skyline and the surrounding environs can enhance any home or office decor.

Built on the basin of a coastal desert, the City of Los Angeles is largely surrounded by mountains. From the Verdugo Hills to the ridges of the Santa Monica down to the coast of Malibu, the skyline of Los Angeles and the surrounding communities includes more than just buildings. The hills around such famous areas as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Malibu create both beauty and problems. The hills provide a wonderful backdrop to the area while at the same time trapping the smog that L.A. has become notorious for.

So with this blend of mountains, desert and seashore, Southern California enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Combined with little rain and lots of sunshine, the area has been a mecca for settlers and natives peoples for thousands of years. The city of Los Angeles is home to almost 4 million people while the population of the surrounding metropolitan area has grown to over 17 million.

Los Angeles has an extraordinary history unlike any city in the world. Not always known as a skyscraper kind of town, Los Angeles has evolved into a showcase of modern architecture. Both the area around downtown and Century City feature some of the country's most striking and beautiful high rise buildings.

Like most areas of the West Coast, Southern California is prone to earthquakes so the building of high rise structures would seem counter intuitive. Thanks to modern, state of the art architectural designs, the construction of high rise buildings has increased sharply over the last decade. Immense structures such as the Bonaventure, Library Tower and Fox Center have elevated the Los Angeles skyline beyond what many people thought was possible.

From the shores of Malibu to the cliffs of Palos Verde, the ocean is a natural attraction for visitors and residents alike. Seaside panoramas of the Malibu coastline detail the natural and rugged beauty of this coastal landmark. Home to Hollywood stars and celebrities, Malibu is the place to see and be seen.

The Hollywood Sign

Once a billboard advertising a new housing development, the Hollywood Sign sits above Whitley Heights on Mount Lee. Erected in 1923 the sign originally read Hollywoodland but was shortened to Hollywood in 1949. The 50 foot tall letters are considered a welcome sign to the millions of tourists who flock to Los Angeles every year.

The Hollywood Bowl

Another treasured Los Angeles landmark is the Hollywood Bowl. The amphitheater was built in 1922 and is nestled in the Hollywood Hills. Over the years, hundreds of performers and thousands of performances have been held at this beautiful venue. The original bowl was built by Frank Lloyd Wright and was replaced several times over the years. The newest structure was completed in 2003 and features improvements to the bowl's acoustic qualities. The Hollywood Bowl has seating for over 17 thousand and hosts a number of regular events including the Playboy Jazz Festival and has hosted countless numbers of world class musical artists.

Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame

No trip to Los Angeles is complete without a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On a stroll down the sidewalk, visitors are treated to tributes to the stars of entertainment both past and present. Running from storied Sunset Boulevard past Laurel Canyon Boulevard, the street is home to many Hollywood landmarks including the world famous Grauman's Chinese Theater, Capital Records Tower and Bob Hope Square at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

Griffith Park

Nestled above Hollywood is Griffith Park. Home to the world famous Griffith Park Zoo the Griffith Park Observatory, the park is one of the largest urban parks in the world. A prominent feature along the Los Angeles skyline, the observatory features a planetarium and long range telescopes that, when pointed to the heavens, treat visitors to an extraordinary view of the stars and planets.